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"To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life long learning

One of our highest values at Inhand Equine Therapy is to continue to better ones self. We have developed these learning platforms with a mandate to bring you quality content from industry leading professionals. 

Meet our Team

Tina Watkins EST, EEBW3

Beginning her practice in 1996, Tina Watkins combined her love  for horses and her passion for   complementary healing for the equine athlete.  Through her dedication she has become a  top performance body worker in the equine industry in Alberta. Working with some of the top show horses in NA, Tina focuses on performance enhancement with her elite clients. With a strong value of life long learning, mentorship and teaching has become a big focus for Tina, trying to inspire fellow bodyworkers to expand themselves. 

About Tina

Kimberly Krebs EST, EEBW2

Kim graduated from the BC College of  Equine Therapy program in 2011.  She has continued her education with completion of the Equinology program. Her experience in the cutting horse industry in combination with her passion for learning, lead her to further her studies with Inhand Equine Therapy.  Kim began a mentorship program with Tina in  2018.  With Kims drive to learn more, she brings a complimentary perspective to the Inhand team. She is very  enthusiastic about developing new aspects of Inhand. 
About Kimberly

Peter Watkins, Farrier and Backbone of Inhand

Peter is the back bone of Inhand! He is the one that fills all the gaps, and has always been the support system for Inhand to run from a place of mastery. Peter is also a certified farrier that has a loyal following. His compassion for horses, and skill with balance makes him an integral asset to the team.

Four ways to experience Inhand Equine


I have known Tina in a personal, as well as professional manner, for the last 20 years. Not only does she have an outstanding work ethic, Tina has extremely high integrity and passion towards her work, and profession. Tina has a true talent and ability to assess, and treat the equine musculoskeletal system, utilizing a multi-modal approach to do so. She has always been very encouraging towards having clients use a team of horse health care professionals, including professionals such as nutritionists, farriers, veterinarians, etc. Another admirable quality which Tina possesses is that she truly cares for every client and patient in her life, this really shines through in every communication, encounter, and appointment you will have with her. 
As a veterinarian, I consider Tina to be an extremely valuable asset to be able to refer clients to. The successes that Tina has had working on horses, of truly all competition levels and disciplines, throughout her career speaks volumes to her abilities. I feel so very fortunate to be able to send a variety of cases Tina's way to benefit from her touch.
Dr Chad Hewlett DVM, Enery Equine Veterinary
"The veterinary management of the sport horse includes dealing with performance lameness, general muscle stiffness, musculotendinous discomfort and myofascial pain. In order to enable these athletic horses to be comfortable and willing to perform, I often need assistance from a qualified and experienced soft tissue therapist such as Tina Watkins. Lower limb lameness in horses is often accompanied by upper body muscle and fascial pain as well as chronic muscle tension. In order for many horses to return to and maintain normal body health, additional soft tissue therapy is often needed. Tina Watkins skill as an adjunct therapist has been invaluable to help many of my equine patients achieve ongoing improvement in the management of these problems. 
The nerves and the muscles have a great deal of influence on the structural health of joints, tendons and ligaments of sport horses. The ongoing maintenance of these organs is extremely important in the equine athlete in order for these horses to perform at their top level. Tina Watkins is highly skilled in this area of muscular and myofascial therapy. She has been a great deal of ongoing help to my patients during the past half dozen years."
Dr Dennis Roch DVM, Moore and Company Veterinary
I have known Tina professionally for the past 8 years. I have shared many cases with her and found her to be not only extremely knowledgeable, but professional and a keen learner. Tina has a thirst for knowledge and is passionate about sharing it with others. She is constantly working to maintain professional excellence and seeks out both training and teaching opportunities. This was exemplified by the overwhelming success of her “Expand Inhand” lecture series, which I have been privileged to help deliver. This has led to a demand for online content, which I am confident will be every bit as fantastic. 

Dr. Sarah
Dr Sarah Pedersen