Basic conditioning program by Inhand Equine Therapy

Basic conditioning program

In this basic conditioning program you can safely return your horse into work.

What's included?

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Basic conditioning program
Has your horse been off and you want to ensure you have a baseline of condition before you begin to ride. This program is the perfect starting place. Safe for all sound horses, and easy for handlers.
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One month basic back to work program
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Has your horse had time off, lost tissue, and needs to start back to work?

This program will allow you to start your horse back to work safely and have the confidence and strength to carry a rider. There will be no worry that the base line condition is not there as you return to full work. This simple program is safe for all sound horses and simple enough for handlers of any level to complete. The exercises in this program are a great addition to your horses continued success once your riding has resumed. We at Inhand always recommend you have your horse evaluated for soundness to start any program by your veterinarian or professional body worker prior to any exercise regime.