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Continuing education for equine professionals

Our unique pod concept has revolutionized the advanced learning for those already working in the equine industry. Avalible to all those working with horses, veterinarians, farriers, body workers, saddle fitters, trainers, grooms and veterinary technicians. 
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Our concept, Pods

Mentorship program that values your current knowledge, encourages investigation through deeper understanding of palpation while evaluating biomechanics and anatomy.

A unique course program geared to the equine professional wanting to work toward mastery.
InHand believes that mentorship has three components: Study, Application, Discussion. In our new mentorship program we are offering a unique opportunity for indepth topic discussion.  Each topic will be broken down into three parts, known as a pod, to fully integrate the knowledge each participant will receive. With the upcoming component approximately 2 weeks apart, the participant will have the time to work with techniques presented on each topic in their practice and come back to the discussion phase with lots of feedback making the round table an amazing way to solidify subject.

Pod Topics

Movement Assessment

Pelvic Limb Dysfunction

Poll, Jaw and Neck Dysfunction

SI and Back Dysfunction

Forelimb, Shoulder and Thoracic Sling Dysfunction


The expand in hand pods have been so valuable to my practice and education. Having multiple equine professional to learn from and getting several point of views to help "expand" our knowledge has me grateful for the opportunity to partake in these pods. I really enjoy how we can come back together 3 times so we have time to go home, study, do hands on and come back again with more questions and perspectives.
Melanie Lausen, Professional body worker
The material was presented professinally and in an order that made sense, I loved the online portion and I love that we can go back and watch the videos from the presentations, keep doing what your doin'! I love the community aspect this is building between others in the industry. 
Sara H, Professional horse trainer
The concept worked well and gave time to explore the information and materials. The forum / Facebook page gave the opportunity to discuss and share information. Seeing and hearing from the others in the class was great.  I thought i may be left behind as i am not a bodyworker but I was able to keep up which helped me personally.  Hearing the information from the other people and what they work on was huge for me.
Linda G, Equine enthusiast