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Striving for mastery in equine wellness

For detailed information on all Inhand Equine Therapy's services, education, and offerings, please check out our website. Inhand Equine is proud to be a valuble part of our clients equine wellness team. With exeptional knowledge, Inhand body workers provide clients with not only a top qualitly equine sports soft tissue wellness sessions, but a complete home care program. These home care programs include stretches, isometric exercises, activation exercises, and in hand/ ridden exercise protocols that will bring your horse to the top of his/her game.

Valuable wellness team member!

We believe in the team approach, to be the most valuable wellness practitioner for your horse, we at Inhand Equine strive for mastery in our craft and are always looking for ways we can enhance our knowledge to provide the ultimate holistic program possible for your equine athlete. 

Equine wellness services

Tina Watkins EST, EEBW3

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Peter Watkins, farrier and Inhand Equine backbone.

Kimberly Krebs EST, EEBW

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