Inhand Equine Therapy, Mentor Me on Basic Massage by Inhand Equine Therapy

Inhand Equine Therapy, Mentor Me on Basic Massage

In this basic massage mentorship video, joint Tina as she works through a basic massage routine. This series is meant for body workers already practicing and is not meant as a how to for learning equine massage. 

What's included?

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Introduction to this mentorship session
Mentor Me - General Introduction (series 1, video 1) Take 2
Mid to upper hip region
Mentor Me - Hindlimb General (series 1, video 2)
Mid to lower hip, thigh and leg tissue.
Mentor Me - Lateral Hip and Pelvis General (series 1, video 3)
The epaxial region
Mentor Me - Epaxial tissue General (series 1, video 4)
Shoulder, Thoracic sling, and abdominal region
Mentor Me - Shoulder, thoracic sling, abdominals and oblique (series 1, video 5)
Neck region
Mentor Me - Cervical region General (series 1, video 6)
Head, jaw and poll region
Mentor Me - Head and Jaw General (series 1, video 7)

Inhand Mentor Me

Born from a desire to truly help other equine body workers in the field, Tina Watkins EST EEBW3 began a mentorship program for body workers in 2015, this program has grown to the stage she now mentors students from all walks of life. For any professional that wants to be at the top of their game, mentorship is the key to mastery. Continued education and #strivingformastery is a key value of Inhand Equine Therapy, and Tina's passion for her work and desire for students to learn skills that will allow them to flourish is evident in this series, Inhand Mentor Me.

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