Inhand's why, on mentorship

The more we at Inhand learn, the more we know there is SO much more to learn. Our founding body worker, Tina Watkins is a seeker. She has taken courses or done mentorship with Veterinarians from all over the world  yearly for the last 25 years of practice. Through this learning, she is sure that coming together to learn from one and other is KEY to really understanding the function of the equine athlete and how we as wellness practitioners can delve deeper into uncovering the core of what is limiting these athletes from being a top level performer. 

Inhand Mentor-Me

InHand Mentor Me - InDepth look at Epaxial tissue

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Basic conditioning program

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Inhand Equine Therapy, Mentor Me on Basic Massage

This FREE mentorship series will have insights for those already practicing equine massage, allowing you insiration to step up your game!